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James Baroud is a European company dedicated to adventure and 4WD travel. Twenty years of research, design development and testing stand behind their rooftop tents, and it shows. They are built to ISO world standards and underline everything you’d expect from a quality ‘European build’.
The patented automatic opening system of their hard shell rooftop tents means only 10 seconds to erect and less than 30 seconds to stow away and their ability to withstand the most extreme weather conditions make there tents world leaders in hard shell roof top tents.
James Baroud rooftop tents are used by the support crews in the Paris to Dakar rallies, great proof of their reliability and durability.
James Baroud are so confident of the quality of their tents and accessories that they offer a full 5 years guarantee.

Something to consider... The James Baroud Range of Roof Top Tents are by no means the cheapest on the market. However, the true value resides in the quality of materials and attention to detail that go into every James Baroud Tent, not to mention all of the features outlined above. The superior quality of the James Baroud range is something that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.
“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

Best Trailers and campers is proud to offer the James Baroud range of tents in Queensland. We can configure the all tents in either a package with any of our Camper Trailers or as a stand alone unit for instalation on your vehicle.
Please contact us for more information or to arrange a time to view our demonstration units.



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